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Low speed internet

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There is bad news for both students and traders of Jammu and Kashmir; the government has by its latest order extended the ban on high speed internet till January 22 dashing all hopes that it would be restored very soon.  The government has been maintaining the same apprehensions that high speed internet would be used by anti-national elements and they will disturb peace. They have failed to answer one question by the people that when they restored high speed internet in two districts of Jammu and Kashmir has there been any disturbance in law and order or in the peace.

The order says the apprehension of the law enforcement agencies regarding the misuse of high-speed mobile data services for terror activities gets credence from the investigation of ongoing cases. Recently, there has been increased militant activity along the international border and the Line of Control (LoC).

These circumstances have been prevailing in Kashmir valley from the past three decades. This is the time of high speed internet and the government cannot punish the entire population of Jammu and Kashmir on the assumptions of intelligence agencies that they should continue to curb access to the high speed internet.

Traders have already said that it would be now impossible for them to carry on business with the outside world on 2G speed internet services. Similarly thousands of students have been suffering from the past so many months due to the low speed internet and many of them have lost the edge they had in the studies due to such curbs imposed by the government.

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