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Vaccination in phases

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Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha had made it clear that the vaccination started by his administration would be done in three phases and in the first phase only covid warriors, frontline workers, doctors and nurses would be vaccinated against the covid-19 infection.

Government of Jammu and Kashmir has really met the challenge as it was really difficult for the administration to create the chain of distribution and administering of vaccines in Kashmir valley because of recent heavy snowfall.

Despite the fact that the majority of rural areas of Kashmir valley were cut off by heavy snowfall, the administration has met the challenge and started the vaccination process on time in all these snow bound areas of Kashmir valley.

Even Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha appreciated his administration for meeting the challenges on many fronts to keep things ready on the ground level for the vaccination process to get completed.

Lt Governor urged people to remain vigilant and follow all Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) even after taking COVID -19 vaccine shots, with zero room for complacence until 14 days after the second dose is administered to them.

Lt Governor termed the launch of vaccine for coronavirus eradication as a ‘golden chapter in India’s history’ and said that the day is an important event that would be remembered for generations to come.

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