Crescent Kashmir

Will it impact?

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The recent visit of a parliamentary delegation to Kashmir valley has brought the old questions back on the fore that will impact the economy and revive tourism and give some flip to the developmental projects.

The visits of the past are a bitter lesson for the latest delegation of law makers that they should try to make the suggestions according to the feedback they have received from the stakeholders from Kashmir.

Earlier delegations of the parliament instead of listening to the stakeholders of Kashmir valley have in their parliamentary standing committees suggested framing of policies according to the preconceived notions in their minds.

Without any bias, the stakeholders of Kashmir tourism want the government of India to make the new tourism policy according to their suggestions as they  have suffered on the ground due to the wrong policies of the past.

Highways are important for the developmental projects to be completed on fixed timelines and this delegation has held several meetings with all the officials and stakeholders related with tourism road, air and railway connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir.

People of Kashmir have very little expectations from such delegations as they have the experience of all the exercises undertaken by New Delhi to reshape the economy of Kashmir and give the tourism sector some new direction.

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