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Apple industry

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Kashmiri apple is facing lot of problems in the markets and even the market intervention scheme could do little as the horticulture sector is facing lot of odds not only due to the inclement weather and clampdown followed by lockdown but also due to the illegal transport of Iranian apples into the Delhi markets, making Kashmiri traders to suffer.

Kashmir based organizations dealing with apples have already appealed to the government to stop the import of Iranian apples from Afghanistan. Any product which is coming from Afghanistan is tax free and with the result the apples from Iran are coming at a very low rate to the Azadpur Mandi in Delhi.

Kashmiri apples are in the cold storage and the traders are facing a lot of heat as they have to pay on a daily basis to the cold storage owners for parking their apples.

The Horticulture industry has suffered a lot of jolts in the recent past and it started with the clampdown about the security situation on August 5, 2019 as they could not move out any horticulture produce including grapes out of Kashmir due to strict curfew.

Earlier apple trees and other such growing trees suffered from an untimely snow which resulted in uprooting and damaging of trees in thousands of orchards across Kashmir.

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