Crescent Kashmir

Valid concerns

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After the recent heavy snowfall followed by sub-zero temperatures, it seems that the people in the rural areas and also in the Srinagar city have to look for remedies themselves for their problems as the administration has not been prompt and responsive.

In many areas of Kashmir especially in South Kashmir a video went viral when the local villagers had to trek several kilometers amid heavy snow on the roads along with the body to cremate it in a graveyard.

Similarly patients especially women were brought on shoulders by the villagers to the nearby health facilities as the government could not clear the snow from the roads of villages for weeks.

The National Conference recently reacted to the lethargic behavior of bureaucracy in Kashmir and said that the BJP government has failed to provide the basic amenities to the people during this severe winter.

The National Conference said that due to the poor electric supply, business community, hospitals, nursing homes, other health facilities and especially the student community is suffering while the administration has yet to intervene so that disruptions in power supply apart from official schedule of power cuts are not there.

“Making electricity available to each household in Jammu and Kashmir was used as a prelude to the nullification of state’s status. It was also promised to the people that the scenario of power would be far better than the previous years. The reality is before us. It goes without saying that the state of affairs of power this year has been most terrible, revealing the failure of ruling BJPs failed Vikas Model, if there was any at first place” National Conference in a recent statement said.


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