Crescent Kashmir

Claims and counter claims

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While the two former chief ministers Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti recently claimed that they have been detained again, police have said that they have been pre-informed that they would not be allowed to come out of their homes on the day of the 2nd anniversary of Pulwama attack.

In fact, Mehbooba Mufti a day earlier uploaded a video on her Twitter handle in which she can be heard asking police outside her gate why she was not been allowed to visit Pulwama.

Mehbooba in a tweet said that she was not allowed to move outside her home again. Srinagar police in a tweet claimed that they had informed all the important political leaders not to plan any political outreach in the coming days as they have received adverse reports from the ground.

Amid such claims and counterclaims in it a new norm in the political circles of Jammu and Kashmir that the leaders are put under house arrest or they are restricted to move out on security reasons.

Two former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have been very critical of the discouragement being put on them by the administration to carry on their political activities in Kashmir valley.

The government is maintaining that they have to put restrictions at a time in order to avoid any untoward incident or breach of peace in Kashmir valley.

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