Crescent Kashmir


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After the recent incidents in Srinagar city government has said that they will take all the steps for a peaceful summer and the brimming tourist season in Jammu and Kashmir.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kashmir range Vijay Kumar recently told the media that after several brainstorming sessions, they have finalized a summer strategy to ensure a peaceful tourist season in Kashmir.

“It is not feasible to divulge the details of the meeting, but we will ensure that there will be a peaceful summer in Kashmir and a good tourist season,” Vijay Kumar said in a press conference and it has reassured the stakeholders in tourism to great extent in Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir has been witnessing very low tourism from the past 19 months and it has resulted in multiple difficulties to those people who purely depend on this trade to run their families.

The tourist transports could not pay to the financial institutions and banks all their loans as they have not been able to even move out their vehicles from the parking lots from the past several months.

Authorities have not been able to announce any package so far for them so that they come out of this debt trap and could survive. Instead of looking to the government these transporters are waiting for the good tourist season to earn and at least pay their loans.

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