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Sudden heart attacks

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There is a disturbing trend in Kashmir valley that young people are becoming the victims of sudden heart attacks and most of them lost their lives.

One of the latest victims has been a doctor and he suffered a massive heart attack and died on spot. Recently health experts and doctors have warned people of Kashmir especially youth to take care of their health and not eat junk food and keep a healthy lifestyle.

In a recent interview Director SKIMS who is also a cardiologist, has said that stress was also one of the reasons for such heart attacks among the youth.

The heartbeat or the Cardio activity is the center of the existence of the human body. Heart pumps the blood in the body. Heartbeat varies with age and bad food habits lack of physical activities can result in cardiac arrests.

The reasons for sudden cardiac deaths, according to Director SKIMS, is advanced coronary artery disease where in the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart are diseased beyond a certain level. A person can die of sudden cardiac arrest when the circulation of a major part of the heart gets affected. The heart can also have disease of its muscle itself.

The other reason can be the conduction system of the heart is not properly working. Suddenly the heart rate of patients either becomes very low or out of control and it results in tragedies, he further said.



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