Crescent Kashmir

Badamveir is calling people to come and enjoy spring

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By: Muzamil Bhat CK


The spring season has started showing its presence as the hundreds of almond trees are in blossom with authorities going to open this spring garden in a few days.

Badamveir has been the traditional point for the people of Kashmir to come and enjoy the coming of spring among the trees of almond as they announced the coming of spring to the valley.

People in the past used to visit Badamveir with their families especially during the evenings to enjoy tea and snacks. It was known as Bagh-i-waris Khan in the past as it was laid in the lap of Kohi Maran by him and he used to get the water for it from the deep well which is still with the garden known as Chah of Waris Khan.

The garden came under neglect for decades and finally it was taken over under CSR initiative by Jammu and Kashmir Bank making it again a garden to be visited during the spring days.

The authorities will open this spring garden on Saturday as the paths have been cleaned and the almond flowers have started giving their fragrance with the sprouting of flowers all around.


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