Crescent Kashmir

Reciprocating response

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India and Pakistan have been answering each other’s calls for the peace in the region. In this direction recently they did an agreement for the ceasefire on the borders.

In response to the Pakistan’s talk of peace India has also told Pakistan that talks and terror cannot go together and has asked Islamabad to take demonstrable steps against terror groups responsible for launching various attacks on India.

“The Kashmir issue is at the heart of this. It is important to understand that without the resolution of the Kashmir dispute through peaceful means the process will always remain susceptible to derailment to politically motivated bellicosity,” was the recent comment on the most ticklish issue by Pakistan.

Gen Bajwa’s remarks came a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan made a similar statement at the same venue and said that it is the responsibility of India to reciprocate the peace offer so that both the countries come out of poverty.

Imran Khan said recently that India will be benefited economically by having peace with Pakistan as it will enable New Delhi to directly access the resource-rich Central Asia region through Pakistani territory.

Khan said that having a direct route to the Central Asian region will economically benefit India. Central Asia is rich in oil and gas.



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