Crescent Kashmir

Fresh hope

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There have been a lot of statements from New Delhi and Islamabad over the issues and all such statements have proved that in the recent past both the countries have worked on the ground to create the conditions for the dialogue process to begin.

People of Jammu and Kashmir are closely watching the situation including their leadership as they have been suffering due to the hostility between India and Pakistan.

These statements have given them a fresh hope that something good will come out from this path of dialogue and the hostility will end especially on the borders as there have been even a lot of civilian deaths due to the cross border shelling.

Border residents on both sides got the first relief when India and Pakistan decided to call it a ceasefire and in a joint statement said that they will adhere to this fresh agreement.

For durable peace and stability, it is essential that a dialogue process is started and all the bilateral issues are resolved with negotiations, through dialogue.

Earlier this month, Foreign Secretary had said India desired good neighborly ties with Pakistan and was committed to addressing issues, if any, bilaterally, but any meaningful dialogue could only be held in a conducive atmosphere and the onus was on Islamabad to create it.

It was reciprocated by the Pakistan Army Chief who said that India and Pakistan should bury the past and start a fresh future together as there is a huge potential for the business to Central Asia for both the countries.


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