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Tourism in air

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There is a lot of talk about the tourism in Jammu and Kashmir post easing of restrictions which were re-imposed here due to the coronavirus.

All of a sudden there was talk about Kashmir snow and Kashmir weather especially during the severe winter in the social media as several celebrities came to Kashmir valley to enjoy snow and freezing temperatures here.

This really helped the tourism to start in Kashmir valley even during those dry days when there was no tourism elsewhere and it really helped the tourism industry to start looking for more bookings especially for the spring season.

Now we are already in the spring season and there is a good footfall of tourists to Kashmir valley and after a long time, srinagar city has visible faces of tourists moving around here.

All these efforts are being supplemented by the stakeholders who have been waiting for the season to pick up as they have seen a long dry spell without any tourism and it has impacted their lives and their families.

Now the Tulip Garden is being opened for tourists and locals, there is a hope among the hoteliers and houseboat owners that they will get a tourist season in the current year.



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