Crescent Kashmir


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Despite a lot of quarries to the travel agencies across India for the adventure tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, the government could offer little till recently Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha cleared many trekking routes so that ecotourism could take a center stage during the current season.

It would be a huge push to promote eco-tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, as the government has approved the development of 7 new trekking routes in various wildlife protected areas of the union territory. Governemnt has also approved the use of the infrastructure of wildlife and tourism department including rest houses and inspection huts to tourists and wildlife enthusiasts, who have to stay in these wild areas during their trips and need such accommodation.

In order to provide infrastructure for such a mega push to adventure tourism it is the duty of different wings of the government to upgrade these rest houses and inspection huts of the wildlife department so that they are worth the tourists and for their comfort.

These huts and rest houses can generate income for the government as the adventure loving tourists will love to stay for days together at such secluded places in Kashmir.

If the government will upgrade these rest houses they can become the main attraction for the adventure loving tourists to come to Kashmir and stay at such places away from the madness of the world into the lap of nature.



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