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Spread of covid-19

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Second wave of covid-19 has spread from Maharashtra to Punjab and finally to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. With each passing day the covid positive cases are increasing especially in Srinagar city.

Fresh reports of deaths due to the infection has alarmed the general public and has also brought to the focus responsibilities of the administration to go for the measures so that this infection does not spread any far.

According to officials, Srinagar is one of the 46 covid hotspot districts identified in the country and it is an alarming situation for the residents of this city as the common people are not taking the precautions already prescribed by the administration.

Srinagar city needs some fresh guidelines from the administration though the district head has already asked the people to wear the masks and has asked the police to fine them if they do not do so.

But the responsibility of the administration does not stop in such directions as they have to make a comprehensive proposal of how to arrest the trend of covid infection without disrupting normal life.

There is no provision for the common people in Srinagar city and other parts of Jammu and Kashmir to stay indoors as the previous lockdowns have broken the back of the economy and people are desperate to go for their normal duties.





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