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Is Srinagar ready to cope up with growing covid cases?

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By Muzamil Bhat CK
Srinagar: The second wave of covid-19 is infecting lot of people including youngsters in Kashmir valley. In the second wave, covid designated hospitals in Srinagar City have not enough bed capacity to cater to the patients testing positive here.
Reports said that the government is trying to formulate a new strategy to deal with this crisis as many of the patient who have tested positive to covid-19 virus need hospitalization.
According to the Doctors and experts, very soon the government will have to create more facilities for the covid patients if infection grows in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir.
“At present most of the covid positive patient are preferring to remain in homes isolated. But if they develop completions, hospitals may not be ready to take such a intake of patients” said a senior doctor working in one of the covid designated hospitals of Srinagar.
The government is also moving slowly to restrict movement of people like in the passenger transport, social gatherings, religious gatherings and marriage ceremonies. Most of such gatherings are taking place especially in Srinagar City and it is a cause of worry for health workers.
Government has taken only one step and have closed the schools. Even that step is defeated on the ground when dozens of private coaching centers are working as usual and violating the covid-19 guidelines prescribed by the government.

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