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Is this enough?

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As a first step JK administration has decided to close down all the schools in order to combat the second wave of covid-19 and is this enough is the question being asked in the media and social circles of Jammu and Kashmir.

Social gathering should be immediately banned and the government should also close down all the educational institutions and also impose the ban on the social gatherings so that the curve of covid-19 could be flattened especially in Kashmir valley.

Authorities have so far decided to allow social gatherings up to 200 but it can be the source of infection and such gatherings need a blanket ban.

Every section of the society including the civil society members are of the opinion that lockdown is not the answer to the growing cases as the previous lockdown has broken the back of the economy in Jammu and Kashmir.

The government should do a lot of brainstorming before taking any decision about the closure of markets or passenger transport because such decisions in the past have proved very costly for the fragile economy of Jammu and Kashmir.

It needs a lot of courage for the government to take some bold decisions of stopping the covid curve in Kashmir valley and it also has to balance many things like tourism while ordering any kind of restrictions in future.


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