Crescent Kashmir

Dangerous situation

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The second wave of covid-19 is showing the gravity of the situation in Srinagar city as the covid designated hospitals are getting a lot of calls from the people who are infected with the virus.

As many people have been admitted in the hospitals due to the surge in the covid-19 infection as the second wave of the infection has spread to dangerous proportions here, authorities are trying to combat the infection.

For this purpose leaves of all the doctors and paramedical staff have been cancelled by the government as there can be more people with complications to be admitted to the hospitals while many people after testing positive have preferred to go for home isolation and have avoided going to the hospital.

But some covid positive patients while in home isolation have developed complications especially the fall of oxygen level and such patients need hospitalization.

The question being asked by the people of Kashmir is simple and straight, are we ready to cater to the covid positive patients who will develop complications while being in home isolation.

With a surge in the positive cases most of the travelers who tested negative initially were finally admitted to the covid designated hospitals in Srinagar.


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