Crescent Kashmir

Submerged localities

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The latest heavy rains in Srinagar city and other parts of Kashmir valley have resulted in a lot of disruption in life coupled with the disruption of highways due to landslides.

Apart from dip in the temperatures, people of Srinagar city have to face submerged roads by lanes and even the water logging in their localities. Srinagar Municipality has always claimed that they have enough pumps available to pump out the water from these low lying areas but all such claims prove futile when a single shower results in submerging in localities.

Drainage system of Srinagar city is a virtual failure as the heavy rains have always resulted in submerging of low lying areas and water logging even on the roads.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir and the different wings of the bureaucracy responsible for the drainage and sewerage system must pool their heads together and come to some permanent solution rather than resorting to tokenism like pumping out the waters from all these main roads where there is a VIP movement.

Even basic hygiene is a problem now in Srinagar city as the solid waste remains dumped in many roads especially in downtown Srinagar for days together amid the threat of pandemic.

In such a situation even the solid waste management problem is becoming a matter of focus as these huge heaps of garbage become a problem as some of the areas remain waterlogged for days together.



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