Crescent Kashmir

Block Diwas

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Block Diwas has come as a novel idea on the ground to see the progress and chalk out the programmes according to the will of the people.

But this programme has come under sharp criticism from the political parties and they have said that the bureaucracy was only doing the presentations before the Lt. Governor and on the ground there are only grievances of people which are not being addressed.

These political parties have underscored the importance of the elected government and said that unless there are no elections held, there would be no progress visible on the ground especially in the villages.

Amid such criticism, Lt. Governor recently in a high level meeting instructed the visiting officers to chalk out rational plans for Block Diwas programs in their respective districts, and audit the grievances received and settled.

These instructions should be taken seriously by the officers and at the village level people should come forward with their grievances so that they are settled in a time bound manner.

The development programme in Jammu and Kashmir has suffered in the past few years due to the disruption in life by lockdowns and many seasons of work could not be realized.

However in the current season JK administration is trying to gear up its work programme and the Block Diwas programme is the main component to show the visible change on the ground.

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