Crescent Kashmir

Acrimony in neighbors

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There has been a long and bitter history between the two neighboring countries of India and Pakistan and recently amid the growing hatred; some fresh changes have brought hope among the people of Jammu and Kashmir that there is a possibility of peace as they have been at the receiving end of the situation.

Pakistani army chief has been very candid when he said that both the countries should bury their past and move on the path of friendship and progress and he talked about the potential for the economy to grow as they can use the corridor of peace to Central Asia and to South Asia.

Will the economy take over the other issues including Kashmir is to be seen as soon after such optimism; all of a sudden Pakistan decided not to go for the trade unless the Kashmir issue was not discussed.

The only take away from the fresh initiative of peace between the two countries is the comprehensive ceasefire agreement which was jointly announced by the two DGMO’s and it has given relief to the thousands of families living on both sides of the borders.

Since the ceasefire agreement there has not been a single ceasefire violation and the people living near the borders have really enjoyed the respite after the month’s long intermittent border shelling which has not only taken a human toll but also has shattered their economy.


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