Crescent Kashmir

Peace efforts

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Peace efforts between India and Pakistan became visible to the world when both the DGMO’s announced a comprehensive ceasefire agreement and the armies of both the countries and their ground commanders have asked their troops to stick to this agreement.

Such efforts have gained currency due to the intervention of UAE government as being claimed by many media outlets earlier. Now the latest report by Reuter’s news agency has suggested that the top intelligence officers of both the countries met in Dubai and they were hosted by the foreign secretary of UAE.

Whatever the truth behind such reports, New Delhi have been very cautious in their response and they have played down all these reports about the brokering of fresh peace deal with Pakistan with the help of UAE.

New Delhi has been very dismissive about such reports appearing in media and they have not beyond calling it as re-engagement. It was because of this meeting at Dubai that India and Pakistan announced they would stop cross-border shooting along the Line of Control (LoC) which has left dozens of civilians dead and many others maimed by the shells.

Will the ceasefire agreement finally pave way for the two countries to sit on the table and talk about all the issues especially Kashmir and hammer out solutions to their problems and move forward as neighbours on the path of peace and progress?

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