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Concerned citizens group after their latest visit to Jammu and Kashmir have said that the normalcy prevailing in Kashmir was a myth and there is a deep rooted disappointment among the common masses post abrogation of article 370.

“It was beyond the comprehension of ordinary Kashmiris why the Narendra Modi government had dismantled the structure of the state and altered the relationship between India and Jammu & Kashmir. In taking these decisions, the Kashmiris felt that the central government had looked upon them as ‘enemies’. Every action of the Centre, therefore, is being viewed as diminishing the Kashmiris as political entities and shrinking their democratic political space,” CCG in its report has said so according to media reports.

“A common sentiment among all those we met from civil society was of anger, hurt and unhappiness. We found a society deeply wounded. Many told us that in the past 70 years, they had not felt as hurt as after the August 5, 2019 decision. As if that were not bad enough, the speed with which the Centre has gone about issuing one executive order after another ranging from the scrapping of the Roshni Act, granting domicile certificate for non-J&K people, and the five language policy to the delimitation of constituencies has added to the anti-India sentiment and increased peoples’ anger” said the report further.

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