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Jammu and Kashmir administration has finally given shape to its intentions to clean the administration from anti-national elements as they recently constituted the STF for this purpose.

According to the recent government order, this STF would be headed by additional director-general of police, criminal investigation department (CID) to scrutinize the cases of employees suspected of being involved in activities requiring action under the proviso (C) of Article 311(2) of the Constitution. Under the provision (C) of Article 311(2). The laws and recent decisions of the Sinha administration has empowered them to terminate an employee without recourse to the normal procedure if the government is satisfied that his or her retention in public service is prejudicial to the security of the state.

The government in its order has said that STF will be scrutinizing cases of employees suspected of activities requiring action under Article 311 of the Constitution and to compile records of such employees.

The Special Task Force has to engage with other members of the Terror Monitoring Group (TMG) for identifying such other employees, as necessary.  The task force has to take the assistance of other agencies and department(s) in this regard, as necessary. The government has asked the task force to speedily scrutinize such cases in a time-bound manner.



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