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In the fresh informal dialogue, Pakistan is pushing for some visible easing of lives in Kashmir, many international media outlets claimed. Al Jazeera in its latest report quoting Pakistani official sources said that they were close to formal dialogue provided India will ease the lives of people in Kashmir.

Though the recent ceasefire agreement has eased the lives of border residents on both sides and it has given them a sense of coming out of rut. They had witnessed cross border shelling, resulting in damage to their properties and also loss of lives.

After months of uncertainty, these thousands of families on both sides of the border have started going to the fields to do their agricultural activities due to this ceasefire agreement.

International media outlets have said that Pakistan is keenly watching the situation in Kashmir and is talking about halt to demographic changes as perceived by them in Kashmir.

New Delhi has so far shown no inclination either to hold elections for the assembly or to give back statehood to Jammu and Kashmir. Though on the floor of the house, the BJP government has said that they will restore statehood of Jammu and Kashmir, but there is no timeline when and how.

In such circumstances people of Jammu and Kashmir are looking forward to formal engagement between the two countries because the brunt of the situation especially on the borders if the talks fail will have to be borne by them.

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