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Word of caution

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Many experts and doctors have appealed people to go for vaccination and have said that it is the only remedy available to combat this virus.

Recently DAK in a statement has busted the myth that those people who have recovered from covid-19 need not go for vaccination. DAK said that those recovered patients from covid-19 should only wait for two weeks after testing negative to go for vaccination.

Doctors in the recent past have said that those people who have tested negative now should also go for vaccination as they can be a re-infected.

Doctors Association of Kashmir has appealed to people to bring only those patients to the hospitals who need hospitalization. Home quarantine according to the experts and doctors is the best remedy available in the present circumstances to treat the covid positive patient and only those shifted to hospital who need oxygen support.

Experts have said that vaccination generates natural immunity from the infection and it is stronger than and what the people think after the recovery from the covid provided them as a protective shield.

Recent studies have cautioned people not to move out without a mask and now the latest advisory is that people should wear masks in their families.

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