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Oxygen stock

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The JK administration has claimed that they have enough medical oxygen stock available in order to tackle the growing number of positive patients in hospitals.

The authorities have recently told the media that they have also decided to add many new oxygen manufacturing plants in Jammu and Kashmir so that the medical oxygen supply chain is not disrupted.

There are already independent oxygen manufacturing plants in all the major hospitals of Kashmir run by the government. The recent media reports quoting the officials said that the government has set up the process of adding six new plants of oxygen within a fortnight.

Whether these official claims are meeting the ground realities or not, fact remains that there is visible shortage of oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators in the markets of Jammu and Kashmir.

Even most of the social organizations who are helping the needy with these oxygen concentrators has recently told the media that they have no such machines now in the stock.

It is the responsibility of the government to assure the people that these machines and oxygen cylinders are available in the market and should take strict action against those shopkeepers who are trying to create artificial scarcity of these items.

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