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Public awareness

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Divisional administration of Kashmir has taken slew of masseuses to flatten the curve of the second wave of covid-19 here. There is a lot of rush in covid designated hospitals of Kashmir and the covid positive cases are only growing with each passing day.

Apart from taking harsh measures like lockdown especially in the Srinagar city, the government has also taken measures to aware the public about the sop and their importance to prevent the spread.

The latest about the awareness is the documentary film made by divisional administration of Kashmir highlighting their initiatives to prevent the spread further.

The public awareness about the infection is still very low as during the lockdown people in order to buy the essential commodities were seen violating the sops and endangering their lives.

Even the social distancing is not followed in most of the parts as the covid infection is being taken very non seriously especially in the rural areas of Kashmir.

It is the responsibility of the government to aware the public about the dangerous infection and its deadly reach to the common people. The divisional administration must accelerate the process of awareness through different media channels so that more and more people are saved from this deadly infection.

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