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Growing deaths

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The growing number of deaths in Jammu and Kashmir due to the second wave of covid-19 is definitely a disturbing situation for common people. Only one day recently 51 deaths were reported due to covid infection showing the severity of the wave.

The administration has been holding high level meetings at least to keep oxygen and medical supplies chain intact. There have been complaints in the past that the lack of oxygen is causing now deaths in Jammu and Kashmir also.

The recent decision of the government to hold an inquiry at the level of Divisional Commissioner Jammu for the death of four patients who were admitted in a private hospital in Jammu for treatment.

Such reports indicate that the strain of growing numbers of patients is showing its impact on the entire healthcare system of Jammu and Kashmir.

Extending the lookdown in Srinagar and some parts of Jammu and Kashmir was necessitated by the growing covid wave and the mere lockdown cannot break the chain.

The massive testing is already in the progress and the positive cases due to such testing are only showing a disturbing trend on the ground.

The bug does not stop at the door of the government as the common people have the responsibility to adhere to the sops and try to stay indoors as much as possible.

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