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Covid depression

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The second wave of covid-19 has brought a huge economic depression back to Jammu and Kashmir as the few months of activities were washed away by the fresh restrictions and curfew.

All the limbs of life, industries especially the tourism industry has been badly hit again due to the second wave of covid and most of the people connected with tourist trade were already reeling under financial strains and debts.

Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha sensing the problems of many sectors in Jammu and Kashmir has recently decided to provide rupees 1000 per month to all registered workers ponywalas, palkhiwala, pithuwalas for the next two months. But the people on the ground are not happy with such a measure of financial assistance from the government.

Shikara wallas and many such people who are connected with the tourist industry are virtually fighting for survival with their families. With financial assistance of rupees 1000 per month they cannot even purchase the dry ration for their families and the need of the hour is to frame a comprehensive financial package for the tourist industry and for all those vulnerable classes connected with it.

The government will have to announce more financial assistance for different weaker sections in Jammu and Kashmir as the economic activities have come to a halt and it has badly hit thousands of families especially those who are connected with daily activities of life.

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