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Vaccine doses

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The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is only banking on strict curfew in order to flatten the curve of the second wave of pandemic. The government is very lax about vaccination which is the main weapon to save the human lives in Jammu and Kashmir.

Vaccination is either going very slow or most of the designated centres for vaccination have been closed due to the lack of vaccines. Despite media reports that the vaccination process is very slow in Jammu and Kashmir, the government is maintaining that the program is well in progress.

Recently Divisional Commissioner Kashmir has told the media that the JK government placed an order of 1.2 crore anti-Covid vaccine doses. He further said that despite that, vaccination of 45 & above age groups is going on in full swing and the rate in J&K is 61 percent against the 33 percent national average which is almost double the size of national level percentage.

He claimed that all efforts are being made to get the remaining population in the 45 above age group vaccinated in the coming days .

The government of Jammu and Kashmir further said that vaccination for 18- 45 age group, needs vaccine doses for 37 lac population for which registration process has been started and shall commence soon.

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