Crescent Kashmir

Post pandemic

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Post pandemic scenario in Jammu and Kashmir is very alarming and frightening for common people. They are getting ambulances in their localities with body bags of covid patients who succumbed to this infection in hospitals.

The death rates have been very high in this second wave of pandemic and it has consumed academics, doctors and young people also.

In this connection recently LG Manoj Sinha while taking the ground report from the rural areas has ordered the Deputy Commissioners and health department officials to establish covid care centres at the village level so that the people infected with this viral disease get immediate medical attention and there is no delay in the treatment.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration is also trying to create basic minimum health infrastructure at the village level so that the patients get timely and due care in their own villages.

Though the fight back from the government is a welcome step but according to the common people and the media reports it is too little and too late, For example, the recent tragic death of a Bandipora person who was under home quarantine is an eye opener for the administration and health officials.

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