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Vaccination process

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While the second wave of pandemic is going on in Jammu and Kashmir without any signs of relief for the common people, there is already talk about the third wave of pandemic coming soon.

In these direction scientists, doctors and experts have warned that the third wave of covid-19 would be very lethal and if the vaccination of the children is not held before it, it will consume a good chunk of future generation.

Recently Doctors Association of Kashmir has also pointed to this third wave of pandemic and has appealed government to go for the vaccination of the children before it is too late.

The association cautioned that the key to the saving of children from the third wave is the vaccination and the government should not waste time and go for it as soon as possible.

All the experts and doctors have said that third wave of pandemic will hit the children and the government should prepare itself to go for mass vaccination of children before the third wave hits hard.

Will the government of Jammu  and Kashmir learn the lessons from the mistakes committed while combating the first and second wave of pandemic or will they be again lax and catnapping while the third wave will hit the place.

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