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Paramedic Sharna Devi urges all to get covid vaccine

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Brave-heart health warrior believes vaccination is strongest protection against virus

REASI, MAY 26: When Corona Curfew was announced across India in March last year (2020) to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no one in sight except brave frontline healthcare warriors helping to stop the spread, control and treat the infected people.

Like elsewhere in the country, thousands of doctors and paramedics like Sharna Devi, a Female Multi-Purpose Health Worker (FMPHW), were assigned COVID-19 duties.

 For Sharna Devi, the task given was not her first choice but gradually she put her heart and soul into it and performed it with great diligence.

“What keeps us going is the spirit for serving the humanity and winning the battle against this pandemic,” she said with confidence.

Each day is a constant marathon with unforeseen challenges but we keep telling ourselves that we can win it through vaccination and appealing the people to adopt covid appropriate behavior and get vaccinated,” she added.

“I come to the hospital in morning to just see my new assignment and leave with my team to vaccinate people at different sites. So far my team has vaccinated around 4500 persons with the support of administration and health department,” she explained.

“Getting vaccine empowers people to encourage others to get vaccinated. This is the only protection against the virus” she said.

Because of vaccination, recovery rate in the district has increased and number of positive cases has declined, she said and added “On finding vaccine really helps, people from far flung areas of Reasi are also coming forward for vaccination.”

She said that educating the people is important to encourage those who are skeptical about vaccination.

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