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Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha has recently ordered his administration to vaccinate people in the age group of 18-45 in a targeted and focused manner without breaking the momentum.

These instructions have come after the different media channels and newspapers have reported that the vaccination process in Jammu and Kashmir has slowed down with most of the centres shut for vaccination for the lack of vaccines.

Recently the Jammu and Kashmir administration in order to allay the fears of common people have said that they have already requested the central government for the supply of bulk vaccines to Jammu and Kashmir so that 40-60 thousand people on each day from May 25, are vaccinated without any hurdles.

Earlier in the age group of 18-45, the vaccination process could not pick up due to the non availability of vaccines in the vaccination centres designated by the government for this purpose.

Now the Jammu and Kashmir administration decided to go for vaccination in a targeted manner and have decided to have a focused vaccination program on the age group of 18-45 years before easing the lockdown in Jammu and Kashmir.

Will this vaccination process get accelerated in the coming days or will it again slow down is a matter of time and judgement.

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