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Appreciative steps

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Hand Holding by the government to all those families who have lost their only earning hands in this covid-19 infection is an appreciative step, being welcomed by all sections of society here.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha announced a special financial assistance scheme for all those families who lost their only bread earners in the hospitals and have no financial means to survive along with their other family members.

In this direction the government has announced a special package apart from this, the scheme provides for a scholarship of Rs 20,000 per annum for school going students and Rs 40,000 per annum for college going students. A family in distress shall be eligible for scholarship for two children, if they are not getting any other scholarship.

The assistance is not limited to above. The Special Cell in the Social Welfare Department shall also explore further assistance under other existing schemes of the government for which the family may be eligible.

An important element of support shall be financial assistance for self employment for any of the surviving members who wishes to start any business for livelihood support.

The scheme should not fall prey to the bureaucratic delays and their other methods of being lax and those victim families by the attitude of the bureaucrats will lose interest in such financial assistance.



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