Crescent Kashmir


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While the government has a lot of responsibilities towards the general public, the common people have also to behave and make possible that the chain of covid-19 is broken by their precautions.

We cannot expect covid-19 to be contained only by the government measures but it is the collective responsibility of all to defeat this virus by being responsible citizens.

Covid appropriate behavior is the first key followed by adhering to the sops prescribed by the government for people while they move out from their homes.

The government, while deciding to go for phased withdrawal of restrictions, has appealed to people in general and shopkeepers, public transporters and traders to ensure adherence to Covid SOPs in letter and spirit.

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir emphasized that shopkeepers should avoid unnecessary rush at their shops and public transporters should carry only 50 percent passengers and follow the laid down guidelines religiously to ensure containment of virus.

He further stressed on carrying out aggressive vaccination of eligible persons of targeted population and ensuring 100 percent coverage of all priority groups including, shopkeepers, drivers, conductors, journalists, employees, persons with disabilities and other targeted groups at the earliest.



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