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Xi asks Chinese media to tone down aggression

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President Xi Jinping has called for better international communication, urging the bellicose official Chinese media and “wolf warrior” diplomats to adopt a tone that displays openness and conveys modesty, in what observers see as a rare admission of Beijing’s growing isolation exacerbated by Covid-19.

President Xi, 67, who carries the image of being the most powerful Chinese leader after ‘chairman’ Mao Zedong with possible life-long tenure in power, in a candid conversation at a group study session of the Politburo of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), said new concepts, domains and expressions should be created to tell China’s stories in a better way. In a comment seen as an expression of dissatisfaction with the current lot of “wolf warrior” diplomats and bellicose official media outlets, Xi spoke of the need for conveying the message with modesty and humility.

Xi said a tone that displayed openness, confidence and conveyed modesty and humility must be maintained, the state-run China Daily said in its report on the speech. China needs a voice that matches its national strength and international status, it said. He also emphasised the efforts to introduce the Chinese culture abroad. — PTI

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