Crescent Kashmir

Responsive Governance

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The administration in Jammu and Kashmir will have to make it responsive to the needs of common people and it was reflected by none other than LG Manoj Sinha recently.

He said that people first is important for the economic, and social institutions for the success of any system, and urged his officers to work with more zeal on the ground.

He said that Emergency Health Response is short-term but the policies that are made during the same period always prepare a new road map for long-term development.

He said that the whole world is navigating through a crisis. It has, however, come at a time when science and technology is at the peak of its exploration. It is in less than a year that a vaccine was invented and governments were able to mobilize more facilities for the treatment of the people.

The pandemic has brought focus on the responsive administration and many of the complaints which in the media and also on different social media platforms were addressed by the government.

The appeal by a six year old girl about the burden of online classes was also addressed by the LG Manoj Sinha as he directed the school education department to change the pattern so that the children are not over burdened by the online classes.

Similarly many other complaints which appeared were addressed by the administration and the phased withdrawal of corona curfew is also the responsive administration to the needs of the general public.


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