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Covid Delta Plus Variant: Be Cautious, But Don’t Panic, Say Doctors

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Dr Raman Gangakhedkar, former ICMR chief, has said that the delta-plus variant of coronavirus is highly infectious but there is no need to panic. As per the ICMR data, over 70 per cent of people have managed to develop immunity against Covid-19, however, the country appears to be heading towards herd immunity but the Delta-plus variant has created a frightening environment.

Noting the highly infectious nature of the Delta-plus variant, former chief of the Indian Council of Medical Research, Dr Gangakhedkar said a vaccine is also less effective to it.

Dr Gangakhedkar, however, added, “There is no need to panic. Researches have shown that mRNA vaccine is likely to be more effective against it.”

The ex-ICMR chief was part of a group of doctors from different parts of the country who held an in-depth discussion on the possible third wave of coronavirus infection.

Dr Gangakhedkar also dispelled the popular misconception that people should avoid taking the Covishield vaccine if they have been given ‘heparin’ to stop bleeding or they have a low blood platelet count.

He also said the risk of HIV infection can also be found higher in some groups like homosexuals, sex workers and transgenders during the pandemic.

The former ICMR chief rejected the notion of taking two different vaccines and insisted that one should never take two doses of different vaccines.

Dr Virendra Singh, a respiratory disease expert, said ICMR data reveal that more than 70 per cent of people have developed immunity against the virus due to infection or vaccine and it seems the country is moving towards herd immunity.

“But, the Delta-plus variant has created a frightening environment,” he said.

He, however, counselled caution, saying “instead of being afraid, this pandemic can be avoided with Covid-appropriate behaviour”.

Dr Raman Sharma of the Department of Medicine of Sawai Man Singh Hospital said it is known from the experience so far that the drug Remdesivir should be used only appropriately and equitably.

It has also been found from research that drugs like Jack State Inhibitor are proving effective in the treatment of Covid.

Steroids should also be used at the right time and in the right dosage, he said.

Other medical science experts who participated in the webinar included Dr Vishwa Mohan Katoch, a former director-general of ICMR, noted microbiologist Dr Nitya Vyas of the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and chief executive Dr Jaswant Goyal of JNU Medical College, among others.

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