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Covid wave

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There has been a covid wave in Leh especially in the main city of Leh and it has crippled the economy and also the social life. However, due to the efforts of the health department and the administration of UT of Ladakh, fresh covid cases have gone down and it is good news for the common people here.

In the recent days, the covid positive cases have reduced and the government has eased the restrictions in the entire UT of Ladakh giving people much needed relief.

Tourism is the main economic activity of Ladakh region and the people are waiting for the tourism to pick up as the cases have gone down and they expect foreigners to come back and stay here during the current summer.

However, the tourist trickle is very low and the administration of Ladakh is trying its best to contain the virus even as the UT of Ladakh has witnessed a lot of positive cases in the past few months and the tragedies have visited many homes.

Among them were the people in Leh and the adjacent areas as out of 202 covid deaths 144 deaths were reported from Leh. The people who lost their dear ones are trying to come to terms with life and move on.

Although these difficulties are worrying people, the sharp dip in the covid positive cases is good news for common people who are looking forward to starting their lives and are expecting some tourism in the coming two months.

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