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Kashmir Ulema appeal young people not to go for suicide call it unislamic

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By: Muzamil Bhat CK


Expressing concern over the growing number of suicides in Kashmir valley, most of the religious scholars and ulema has described the act as unislamic.

They have asked the parents to play their role to stop their wards from going on a path which finally leads to the suicides.

They have asked the police also to act against the drug menace with more proactive manner so that the young boys are saved from becoming drug addicts

According to KNS Darul Uloom Raheemiyah Bandipora rector Maulana Molvi Mohammad Rehmatullah Qasmi has said that suicides are Haram in Islam and temporary setback in life should not be taken as a final failure.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), he said that intervention of parents in their children can play a key role to pause this social menace as this has become a serious cause of concern.

He said that parents should note what are the daily happenings in their children’s life. “What are the things which ignite emotions in them,” he said, adding that the system too needs to be proactive in this matter.

He said that rising suicide cases in the Valley has become matter of concern. “Almighty has created every human being with a purpose. One cannot take his life with his own will, and it is Haram in Islam to commit suicide,” Maulana said.

He said that one who commits suicide, Islam instructs that no one should offer his/her funeral, so that other people may refrain from committing this sin.

He also said that suicide has never been m any option to overcome the setbacks of life. “Being a part of the society every individual should make their part, trying to counsel people who have been going through mental health issues,” he said.

With inputs from KNS

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