Crescent Kashmir

Power woes

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In both Jammu and Srinagar power shortage is still a problem and the frequent power cuts have always irked the local population. In Jammu during these summer days it is almost impossible for people to remain without power supply as their coolers and other cooling systems only work on electricity.

Similarly in Kashmir valley people suffer when the power redevelopment department goes for frequent power cuts during the winters.

In the severe winters of Kashmir valley people have to bear the brunt of the situation because the snowfall, rains, make the electric system disruptive thus they do not get the required heating systems to work with the result they shiver in winters.

In order to end this ordeal of the general public in Jammu and Kashmir, the government has taken a slew of measures to address such power woes. In this direction already various schemes sponsored by centre in the power sector have been implemented in Jammu and Kashmir especially in the rural areas.

In these modern times when people want to have uninterrupted power supply, it is the responsibility of JK administration to provide the electric supply on the modern lines without any disruptions.

Although a lot of work has been done on the ground to make the power distribution system modern and responsive, the government will have to do more in order to address the power problems of the general public both in urban and rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir.


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