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Although the second wave of pandemic is at the lowest ebb, with no deaths in the past 24 hours, the shadows of infection are still working around us and we must take all the precautions to save ourselves from the possible third wave of the infection.

Government has eased the restrictions and have now even allowed the restaurants to open for the dine with 50% capacity as they expect a lot of tourists in the coming weeks.

But the common people, especially the residents of Srinagar have a lot of responsibilities to prevent the spread of infection again. It is the joint responsibility of society especially in Srinagar city to adhere to the covid appropriate behavior because the infection is not over.

Covid-19 is going to stay but we can save ourselves from the possible infection by adhering to the sops announced by the government. In Srinagar city in the past few days there have been a lot of photographs in the media showing people in large numbers going shopping on the eve of Eid without adhering to the covid appropriate behavior.

The government should also put the restrictions back on the eve of the Eid as the people are forgetting that the shadows of the infection are on our heads and we can again see a lot of people getting infected if we will not take the precautions already advised by the doctors.

On the eve of Eid we should all try to come out only for the necessary shopping and should not go window shopping in the markets in large numbers as it is not advisable in the present circumstances.

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