Crescent Kashmir


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Handicrafts and handlooms of Kashmir have been famous from the ancient past but the people associated with this trade have suffered a lot in the past few decades.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir in the recent past has been bringing a special focus on the life and survival of artisans and other people associated with this trade.

In this direction recently LG Manoj Sinha inaugurated a 15-day long Craft Mela at Kashmir Haat in Srinagar to give a boost to this industry.

He said that it is the aim of his government to empower handicraft, handloom artisans and improve living standards of present and future generations of our artists.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has in the recent past tried to intervene by different schemes in the life of artisans so that they can survive in a better manner especially during these years when there is very little tourism in Kashmir and the handicrafts are not being in use for many of the families because of the economic crunch.

In order to give a new life to this struggling industry in Jammu and Kashmir, JK administration is very keen to intervene in this sector so that the artisans and their families can live a respectful life without any economic woes.

The recent 15 day Mela at Kashmir Haat is one of such efforts by the JK administration to sell the items in the markets and to make the life better for the artisans who are trying to survive along with their families.

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