Crescent Kashmir

Rural economy

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Farmers of Jammu and Kashmir have been looking for ways and means so that their income increases especially in the horticulture sector. The government has also introduced many schemes in this sector and has also tried to bring high yielding varieties of the fruit trees so that the average income of the farmer is increased.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has been very active in the distribution of high density plantation among the orchardists so that in the long run they get more fruit in the land and also get more income.

 In this direction recently LG Manoj Sinha launched Horticulture Week aimed at doubling Farmers’ income in Jammu and Kashmir. He directed the horticulture department to start a massive campaign so that the farmers go for high density plantation in their orchards.

When these high density plants will start giving fruit, it will change the economic scenario of the farmers in Jammu and Kashmir as it would be game changers for this sector.

High density plants will give more fruit to the orchardists and provide good returns to the farmers from different markets and it will be a big boost to the rural economy of Jammu and Kashmir.

Although it will not show immediate results, it will in the long run change the rural economy as the fruit bearing trees would give a healthy yield and in return the money will change the lives of farmers.

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