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Recently the government has held a series of meetings to review public health responses to COVID in Jammu and Kashmir. Although the cases have gone down but covid-19 is hovering around us and is very much present so it is the responsibility of the common people to exercise caution while they go for the social events and to the markets.

The Government has already appealed to the general public to observe COVID Appropriate Behavior, and has directed strict enforcement of CAB and SOPs by the concerned agencies and goes against the violators against all costs.

Violation of the sops and CAB is a very dangerous trend in the society and the people who are responsible for such acts should be punished under law and there should be action so that the people behave while they move out from their homes.

They are not endangering their lives but the lives of the common people including their families as the infection spreads fast and can even prove fatal for any person who has less immunity.  In such circumstances the onus of responsibility is on the common people and they should adhere strictly to the norms prescribed by the government so that the infection does not spread.

It is unfortunate that in the recent past as the marriage season is picking up in Srinagar and other towns of Kashmir valley there is a lot of violation of covid appropriate behavior and it can prove very dangerous for the common people.

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