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Yousmarg calling

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Yousmarg is a health resort very near to Srinagar but has not come on the tourism map the way it should have been. Yousmarg meadow is beautiful and it can have the winter sports like Gulmarg but unfortunately due to the neglect even the summer tourism is very low here.

Yousmarg has a lot of potential to attract tourists especially the trekkers as it can become the base for a lot of trekking routes which are very famous in the nearby mountains.

Recently some tourists had gone to Yusmarg to spend some days there but they could not remain there as most of the huts and hotels owned by the government are closed as they have problems ranging from electricity to water supply.

Recent media reports have said that even an ATM facility is not available within Yousmarg while the towers of mobiles do not work as mobile connectivity is also a problem at Yousmarg.

Instead of keeping it as a tourist point only for a day the government should make it possible for all the visitors to stay for the nights and also bring all the facilities for them at Yusmarg so that they would love to come here again and again.

Yousmarg has not only the trekking potential but the Doodh Ganga waters passing through its rim is one of the attractions and this water is also being neglected by the authorities especially by the fisheries department as the trout angling has almost stopped in the Doodh Ganga waters as there are no wild trout available in these gushing waters now.

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