Crescent Kashmir


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In order to make the J & K administration visible and responsive on the ground LG Manoj Sinha has taken a lot of steps and has also given a number of directions to his officers in this regard.

He has always stressed on the transparency in the system so that the allegations of lethargy and corruption disappear in the villages of Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently in this direction he launched PROOF ‘Photographic Record of On-site Facility’ app. It would be a step in the right direction to bring more transparency in the governance system.

This app will certainly give a boost to all the efforts of the government in Jammu and Kashmir to make common people happy and also to make them have trust in the transparent system of governance.

Manoj Sinha said that this new initiative of uploading complete geo-tagged photographs will have a larger impact on monitoring & completion of projects.

With introduction of this new app, the system will become more vibrant and it will also streamline the system in the treasures where the bills used to be pending for months in the past.

LG said that henceforth, no bills would be entertained in the treasury unless photographs of projects were uploaded.

Details of all projects with photographs shall now be available for the public through the EMPOWERMENT portal in Jammu and Kashmir and also outside if any person is interested to know about the projects and about their details.

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