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Diesel price come down for third straight day, petrol rate stable since July 17

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Diesel rates were reduced for the third straight day and petrol prices remained stable for the 34th consecutive day in India on Friday, according to the latest details shared by oil retailers. Petrol prices have remained the same since July 17.

In Delhi, petrol is being sold at 101.84 per litre while diesel prices saw a reduction of 20 paise and currently stand at 89.27 per litre. In Mumbai, petrol prices remained the same as Thursday at 107.83 per litre and diesel can be purchased at a rate of 96.84 per litre, down from 97.04 per litre on Thursday.

Petrol and diesel in Chennai is being sold at 101.49 per litre and 93.84 per litre respectively. While in Kolkata, petrol is being sold at 102.08 per litre and diesel at a reduced rate of 92.32 per litre.

The reduction in diesel prices in the country after petrol prices have been tumbling to their lowest levels since May after the United States Federal Reserve signalled it was set to start tapering asset purchases within months, hurting commodities and lifting the dollar, news agency PTI reported on Thursday.

India is majorly dependent on imports to meets its oil requirements and hence has to benchmark the local fuel rates to global oil prices

Here are the latest prices of petrol and diesel in some of the major cities of the country:


Price of petrol: 101.84 per litre; Price of diesel: 89.27 per litre


Price of petrol: 107.83 per litre; Price of diesel: 96.84 per litre


Price of petrol: 102.08 per litre; Price of diesel: 92.32 per litre


Price of petrol: 101.49 per litre; Price of diesel: 93.84 per litre


Price of petrol: 105.25 per litre; Price of diesel: 94.65 per litre


Price of petrol: 99.02 per litre; Price of diesel: 89.78 per litre


Price of petrol: 110.2 per litre; Price of diesel: 98.05 per litre


Price of petrol: 108.71 per litre; Price of diesel: 98.39 per litre


Price of petrol: 96.68 per litre; Price of diesel: 94.22 per litre.


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