Crescent Kashmir


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In the recent past the government of Jammu and Kashmir has been keeping its focus on the environment and also on the health of water bodies.

There are instructions to the officers to formulate comprehensive plans to restore these water bodies and also the springs which are the sources of water especially drinking water to the local people.

There has been a lot of degradation to these water bodies in the past few decades and the administration is trying to restore and retrieve these water bodies which include some wetlands and also some lakes.

The Wular Lake project is also getting special attention from the authorities and there is already a plan in hand to the officials to make the waters of this big lake cleaner.

Similarly Manasbal Lake in Ganderbal district needs very little effort so that it is saved from any kind of pollution and so that no solid waste goes into this clean lake.

Kashmir valley is bestowed by nature with a lot of water bodies and springs but it is the joint responsibility of people and the authorities to keep these water bodies and the sources of water clean.

Unless the local people will not participate and preserve these sources of water the government can do little to save them for our future, it is the joint responsibility of the public and the authorities to save these water bodies and the springs in the villages for our future generations.

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